Your Samsung phone comes close to replacing your wallet

Samsung Galaxy Note five and also the Samsung S6 Edge+
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The ill-shapen animal skin. That pale mag tape.

Samsung needs to form these physical payment issues a issue of the past with Samsung Pay — and it’s going to have higher luck than alternative corporations attempting to try to to a similar.

That’s as a result of Samsung Pay can work virtually everyplace.

The South peninsulan physics titan is launching its own pay-using-your-phone product later this month in Korea, and on September twenty eight within the us.

Samsung Pay can work not solely with tap-to-pay close to Field Communication readers, howeverconjointly plain recent mag tape card readers.

Being able to figure with each varieties of technologies suggests that Samsung can have a leg up over Apple Pay and Google’s robot Pay, that solely work with NFC — a technology that is still not as wide used asancient magnetic card readers.

In addition, the Samsung Pay app can produce a barcode which will be scanned if the magnetic card readeroperate does not work.

What’s conjointly nice regarding Samsung Pay is that it is used for just about any quite credit, debit, and loyalty card — together with store-branded credit cards. you’ll be able to add much more varieties of cards to the Samsung Pay app than you’ll be able to with Apple Pay or alternative rivals.

People might finally have a reason to actually leave all of their cards reception.

Well, almost. One draw back of the Samsung Pay feature is that it will not work bound gas stationswherever you have got to insert a card to form a payment. And, you will only be ready to use Samsung Pay if you have got one in all the company’s newest devices just like the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, or Note 5.

Payments ar approved through the phones’ fingerprint reader, and actual mastercard numbers ar hidden from vendors.

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