What’s New in Cricket

Cricket is known for its immense popularity. It is played all around the world. Street cricket or having a match in the neighborhood is common in the locality. We enjoy watching the games been played in our locality. To a larger extent, cricket is also been played between teams of different countries as the World’s championships. This game has gone through many changes in the past years. Once played as test match and one day game only, cricket is now played across the world in T20 format, IPL and much more. Some new rules are also been incorporated to make the game more exciting. They are trying day by day to make the gaming experience better. All this is been done to make the performance of the player better and enhancing the experience of the fans.

Recently the 2017 International Cricket Council Champions Trophy is going to be held in Wales and England, and the Council had already made their promise of giving the fans an over enthusiastic experience of gaming. This time the Innovation Partner of the 2017 ICC Champions trophy is Intel, known for their innovation in technology.

International Cricket Council is looking at this collaboration with a positive sight that will enhance the player’s performance as well as will also give a unique experience of watching cricket to the fans of the game. Though till date they had not come up with any detail on the same but are saying to be all prepare to give the surprise in the championship. As heard, Intel is going to incorporate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in cricket to make a ‘smart cricket tournament’.  As per International Cricket Council, they are going to incorporate technology that nobody has ever seen in the game before.  Thus the fans of the game will be satisfied with the newer technology that promises to give a smarter game viewing experience. Apart from the viewing experience, it is expected to improve the player’s performance.

Thus, we are looking forward to viewing the result of the collaboration of ICC with Intel in the International Cricket Council Championships Trophy to be held in June 2017.


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