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With the foundation of Uber in March 2009 has put a full stop to this mannerism.  Assuming that you have already been on a ride in Uber cab, here in this article, I am discussing about some of the facts about Uber.

Do you know the original place of Uber and who are the founders of Uber? Chill… I am here to help you. Uber is an online transportation network company with headquarters in San Francisco, California.  The name of the company is Uber Technologies Inc. founded by Travis Kalanick, Alexander Hank, and Garrett Camp. The CEO of the company is Travis Kalanick. As stated earlier Uber is a transportation company where each and every booking is done online, whether you want to book for a taxicab or vehicles for hire. Uber is generally operated by means of a mobile app, which is free to download.  This Smartphone mobile application helps  the consumer to book a trip and submit a trip request, which is automatically sent to the  nearest cab driver by this app.   Uber app is so advance that the driver can see the consumer location and  vice versa. On reaching the destination the bill is generated automatically by the app, which you can pay in cash or by the online wallet.

According to 2016 survey, Uber is available in over 507 cities across more than 66 countries. The cab drivers are polite and often try to help you out. No cheating in pricing can be done as the bill is generated by automated online process. Journey in an Uber is very safe. Thus Uber has brought a revolutionary change in the transportation industry. Just click on the  app and your  cab is in your doorstep. Uber is just a click away


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