The Supermoon

Have you ever seen the Moon and felt that you can just touch it by stretching your hands? Yes … then you have sighted a Supermoon. Isn’t the word too catchy? What does it mean? Does it mean the moon with super powers? I am afraid not. Let’s take you on a short tour about super moon – its meaning and why and when it happens.

As we all know that Moon is Earth’s natural satellite that is revolving around the earth in a fixed orbit. The distance from the center of the Earth to the center of the moon is approximately 3,57,000 kilometers and 406,000 kilometers depending on the orbit.  This distance varies with each month.  When Earth comes between Sun and the moon we termed it as the Full moon. Astrologers use the terms apogee and perigee to indicate the point at which the Moon is farthest and closest in its Earth’s orbit.

The term Supermoon was first used by Richard Nolle, an astrologer in the year 1979.  According to him, this is the time when Sun, Moon, and Earth are in the same line and the Moon is in its nearest orbit to the Earth. During a Supermoon, the Moon looks 30% brighter and at least 14% bigger in diameter. Supermoon occurs approximately after every 14 full moons. It is been believed that Supermoon has an influence on tides and natural disasters like 2004 tsunami and 2011 earthquake and has occurred during a 1 to 2 weeks around the super moon. Though it’s not been proved yet.


According to record, there will be 6 Supermoon in this year 2016. After the 14 November 2016 super moon, the next will be in December.  Astronomers assign a name to each super moon. Hunter’s moon is the name given to the super moon of October’2016 for it spot more light on farmers and hunters so that they can hunt. November 2016 super moon will be the largest and brightest Supermoon in 70 years. Don’t miss today’s super moon. You will be spellbound to see the brighter and larger Supermoon of today.









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