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When the whole world was making it’s planning about spending an awesome weekend, the cyber criminals were planning a great attack on the technology world. As we all know that computers had become a part of our life so any attack on that can cause severe loss or even affect the economy of a country.  Knowing the effectiveness of computers and their vast utility in daily to daily life, the cyber criminals launched a virus attack that shakes the computer world of today. Yes, as per today’s news the whole world has fallen into a great threat. Many did not realize the attack before the starting of this week. Known as the Wanna cry virus, is so powerful that it is affecting computers all around the world and brought a serious stop in using your computer as per your wish. There are many countries who have issued primary awareness against this virus.

Discussing more on this virus first let us know what a Wanna cry virus is? Known by various names such as WannaCrypt or Wanna Decryptor or WannaCryptor2.0, can be referred to as a worm that is targeting the operating system of Microsoft Windows. Initially, with its launch in 12th May 2017, it is calculated to have attacked 230,000 or more computers around 150 countries.  The attack was lately discovered on 15th May 2017 (Monday) when the world returned to its normal routine and found out about the attack while opening their respective files. The Wanna Cry virus demanded ransom payments for removing the attack else you have to forget all about accessing your files. The ransom demanded prompt was created in around 28 languages in cryptocurrencyBitcoin.  Though spread on 12tth May 2017, the virus came into notice on 15th May when two variations of the virus were been detected – one with a kill switch that was fast registered and the second consisting of a corrupted payload that prevents file encryption. In the later case, the kill switch missed. The attack was launched by various methods that include phishing emails or can be done with launching a computer worm in the unpatched system. This computer worm can spread on different systems that reside on the same LAN or can even be spread through emails.  As said earlier that the Wanna Cry virus demanded a ransom amount against removing the virus attack but there is no such surety that the virus will be removed once the amount is being paid off. The infection has once been targeted, it checks for the domain name of the kill switch when executed. Once the information relating to the kill switch not found, then the worm encrypts the data of the computer and thus tries to exploits SMB vulnerability for the purpose of spreading the virus on the computer network system and thus attacking the computers that are residing on the similar network. A prompt is thus being displayed on the computer system showing a demand of amount $300in bitcoin for the first three days of virus affect and within a period of 7 days the amount hikes to approx $600.


The computers that are still working on the Windows XP are highly in this threat as no updating of the security patches were discovered after the May 2014 reversal. Secondly, organizations that have been lazy in installing an update for their Microsoft’s security are mainly affected by this virus attack. After this attack, Microsoft had realized the need of having a security patch and thus released the same on an emergency basis.

After the news flashed about the Wanna Cry virus, every small and giant organization are trying their level best to made their computers secure from the virus attack. Some of the measures that can be taken in case you have not been in an attack can be;

  1. Backup all your important information and files online as well as offline.
  2. Application of patches to the Windows system as described in the recent MS17-010 Microsoft Bulletin.
  3. The opening of emails without confirmation from the sender is highly restricted.
  4. Avoid downloading of pictures, information, videos, or files from websites.
  5. Check for updating of your antivirus.

After having these security installed on your computer system, there are lesser chances that your computer will be affected by the Wanna Cry Virus. If you are already been attacked by the Wanna cry virus then there are lesser chances of been getting out. Though there are certain loopholes that can be used to stop further spreading of the virus or minimizing the effect.  Firstly as soon as you discover that you have got into an attack disconnect the system from the other so as to stop spreading the virus.  As seen in most of the cases that it takes some time to encrypt, so you do have some time to backup your data. This will thus minimize your loss percentage.

The Wanna Cry virus are demanding a ransomware but if you are planning to pay the same then allow me to tell you that you might be doing the most serious mistake of your life. As per the report, there is no surety that they will return all your files after getting the amount. As per CERT-In is instructing all not to give away the ransom and to report immediately whenever been asked for it. Whenever you receive such a prompt, you can email to CERT-In or can even contact any agency of law enforcement.

Hoping to get over the crisis in a short while without much effect on the technology world.






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