Tesla Model X: SUV at its best

Do you love speed? Or are you fond of elegant style? Well here is something that can fulfill both your desires! Tesla Model X P90D is here. The world’s fastest SUV that can reach the speed of 60 km/h in only 3.2 seconds. Moreover Tesla Model X is indeed a pleasure to the eye with its most beautifully polished body with the divine falcon wing door. The car is going to give a strong competition to the existing luxury cars of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac. You can impress everyone around you with the Fastest SUV.

The battery technology and charging ecosystem are extremely important to Tesla. That is the reason behind their building a huge factory in the middle of the desert. They want to make it sure that the cars’ battery stay charged.

Tesla has also introduced the feature of Auto pilot in this car. The car has some more smart features like Bluetooth. The car’s media handling is quite disappointing. You have to sync your Smartphone via Bluetooth if you want to listen to music. There is no support for Android Auto or CarPlay or third party apps like Spotify.


However, The Tesla Model X P90D SUV is really expensive.  $132000 to spend on a car is really a big deal. But it must be admitted that it is an amazing vehicle on technical and automotive levels. How much expensive it be, it can be hoped that soon it will turn up as a favorite family car.

As the car runs on batteries rather than petrol, our earth is being benefitted by it. The cars charging process is quicker than that was expected. And we can drive the car without the constant thought of destroying the earth’s ecosystem day by day


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