Proudly Announcing the Gears E-sport Pro-Circuit for Gears of War 4 with a Prize hike of $1000000

Xbox and The Coalition proudly announce the launch of the Gears E-sport Pro-circuit for Gears of war 4.

The players can join the competition in marquee live events organized and operated by MLG or Major League Gaming along with Gfinity. Players from all around the world are given the opportunity to earn “Gear pro points” by competing in regional MLG battles and daily or weekly tournaments. There are also free xbox live gold code hidden in many places for you.

Among the X-box exclusive multiplayer game Gears of War is the second most popular game, just next to Halo. For this unmatchable popularity Microsoft has launched the Gears E-sport Pro-circuit. The best part of the game is that anyone can play it –a professional or an amateur. All you have to do is to qualify the ‘copy of the game’.  A million dollars winning prize is also declared. Players can play on international circuit open LAN events.

Gears of War players will take pleasure in large open events with a double elimination format playing the new Escalation competitive game mode (5v5) on Gears of War 4.
Not only that, Gears E-sport Pro-circuit has some other really intriguing things in store for their fans. Every week fans from all around the world will be able to listen to the Weekly Broadcast by MLG featuring the online battle.

Are you already restless for such a mind-blowing experience? Wait till October 2016.


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