“Pokemon Go” Cheaters Are Going To Be Banned

Niantic is going to ban the accounts of the players who will show signs of cheating. Though they did not reveal that what the signs of cheating actually are! Niantic has made it clear in one of the comments about the incident that some people are taking unjust advantage of the game. These players are abusing the game and the others are not getting a fair turn. Niantic firmly stated that this week they will ban any account that is plausibly cheating.

Pokémon Go is played all around the world and it is gradually becoming one of the most loved games online. But just after the release of the game some hack or cheating tools are also designed to violate the game rules and the user guidelines. Therefore they are abusing “Pokémon Go”.

Anyone who will feel that their account is banned unjustly can submit an appeal. They will probably target the accounts that clearing up the levels in unbelievable speed.

Niantic in recent times shut down several third party tools like Poke Vision where all the creatures are available for capture in a live map. As the company explained, by closing these tools the company is allowed to spread out into new territories.

In this hunt of cheaters Twitch is also with Niantic. If anyone found cheating in Pokémon Go he or she will get a strike against their Twitch account.


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