PGPTools for WinPhone & Windows 8-10 – Review

Security has dependably been a standout amongst the most essential perspectives for each cell phone client. With the developing issues of security breaks and hacks, it turns out to be critical for us to give careful consideration towards the security of our information.

SJ Software Development thought of another application named PGPTools, which is a perfect answer for all your security needs. This astonishing application empowers the clients to encode their instant messages.


When you have encoded your message, you can send it to anybody you need through an email, SMS or Skype and so forth. PGPTools is a protected and helpful route for encoding the instant messages on your cell phone and keeping the data sheltered and secret from others.

PGPTools is a simple and convenient method for making so as to scramble or unscrambling instant messages utilization of PGP encryption. Not only this, by making utilization of the application you can even produce keys, import/fare keys, secure keys with passwords and a great deal more.

In addition, the application can be gotten to by all mainstream portable stages like Android, WinPhone and iOS and in addition by Windows desktop and Mac clients. The application accompanies a 7 days free trial period after that you can buy the application and use it for your Windows Phones and additionally on Windows 8-10 for desktops.

How to utilize PGPTools?

PGPTools is an entirely convenient instrument for keeping the information sheltered and secure. Also, it must easy to understand interface which makes it simple for the clients to coexist with the application inside of couple of minutes without confronting any bothers. Here are a few stages that will manage you in regards to how to utilize the application:

You can start with making new PGP keys for which you will need to include your name and email address. With a specific end goal to ensure the encryption key, you must make an in number secret word. This application permits the client to choose the key length (1024, 2048 or 4069 piece).

With a specific end goal to encode your message, you can choose any PGP key from the given key rundown and essentially enter the content you wish to send. Presently just sort your message in the given box and tap on the believer alternative.

The beneficiary of your message will get your scrambled message in the same structure. With a specific end goal to decode the content, the beneficiary needs to enter the secret key picked by the sender at the season of encoding the message.

Along these lines, you can verify that your message is gotten to just by a particular individual. The whole procedure of encryption and unscrambling is simple and easy. It keeps your messages secure from programmers and undesirable clients.

Components of PGPTools

This application is without a doubt a simple and helpful method for keeping your information protected and secure. Here we have said a fascinating’s percentage components of this application.

Message Encryption Tool

By making utilization of PGPTools, you can undoubtedly encode any of your instant messages and send it to the fancied beneficiary with only a solitary snap through any medium of your decision, be it email, SMS, Skype, Jabber or anything. This guarantees the complete wellbeing and security of your own messages and additionally essential and classified data identifying with your business.

Era of PGP Keys

The application is equipped for producing PGP Keys for each message separately which makes hacking by inconceivable. PGPTools is a perfect medium for sending individual data and other critical exchanges or information by means of Skype, email, SMS and so forth.

Simple to Use

The application is created in Spartan style which implies that you won’t handle a great many alternatives while utilizing the application. simply dispatch the application, make keys and basically send your scrambled message to the fancied beneficiary alongside an open key.


This wellbeing arrangement is totally dependable and alright to send secret data and information. You require not stress over your information getting hacked by undesirable individuals. It is a 100% secure arrangement.

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    Not only this, by making utilization of the application you can even produce keys, import/fare keys, secure keys with passwords and a great deal more.

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