McDonald’s seeks salvation in apps, mobile payments, wearables and different school

We board a world wherever some folks say they’d get wearable technology from McDonald’s. It sounds crazy, however that is really a part of what McDonald’s could also be testing for its eating place expertise of the longer term.

McDonald’s must dream up a replacement future, even quicker than it will already flip burgers. The food big has watched its quality slide, and its bold days of high-end burgers, unorthodox toppings, dish and wings are long behind it. notwithstanding you ne’er ordered these special things, you appreciated the freshness they delivered to a tired formula.

After failing to reinvent its food, however, the burger chain is currently seeking salvation through technology. per Co.Design, McDonald’s is coming up with a sophisticated overhaul for succeeding 5 years, spearheaded by Atif Rafiq, the company’s initial chief digital officer.

Some McDonald’s locations have already got quick-order kiosks, however within the future these may be personalised with the faucet of your smartphone or smartwatch. Diners would then see their order history and “Amazon-like recommendations” supported their preferences.

To make positive the chain’s underpaid staff are not utterly cut out, McDonald’s may add tableware therefore you’ll order ahead, have a seat, and let the wait workers notice you via location-tracking beacons . From there, it’s simply a brief hop to additional advanced wearable integration. have to be compelled to flag AN worker to bring you some condiment or a sundae? simply wave your wonk watch within the air, and it will give notice the workers. Disney’s MagicBand may be the leader to beat.

Why this matters: this can be all pretty theoretical for currently, and it will not really modification the food that is more and more driving folks far from McDonald’s to “fast casual” alternatives. however perhaps it will place some wind behind a eating place that appears to own lost its direction.

On the opposite hand, AN inflow of apps, wearable options and near-field communications might solely serve to focus on the robotic nature of the fast-food business. A technological revamp may render McDonald’s even additional lifeless than it’s already become.
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