Ideas Behind the Logos – Top 10

Do you have any idea why organizations contribute a ton for a logo? Have you seen the logos of the well-known organizations? It is said that logos has some shrouded implications that speak to the organizations’ qualities. Here in this article, we will discuss such 10 organizations’ logos and their hidden implications:

  1. FedEx


In spite of the fact that FedEx logo at first looks extremely straightforward yet it holds a considerable measure of importance in it. Firstly have you see the little white arrow introduce between the letters “E” and “X”. The arrow symbolizes the development of the organization in future. Fed in blue symbolizes security and dedication while Ex in red symbolizes strength.

  1. Adidas


From the beginning, the company has shown a lot of interest to include the three stripes in their marketing policy. So, the logo of Adidas comes with three slanted strips in the shape of a triangle. This triangle shape represents a mountain that can be symbolized as the challenges and the noticeable goal that athletes face.

  1. Allahabad Bank


As per the slogan of the Allahabad bank “A tradition of trust”, the logo of Allahabad was designed that showed Sangam of river Ganga, river Yamuna, and river Saraswati.

  1. Amazon


Have you ever noticed the logo of Amazon? If you have, then you must have seen an arrow that starts from the letter a and finish at z. This symbolizes that the company can sell everything starting from a and ending at z through their online site. The yellow color arrow is also shaped in the form of a smile that represents customer’s satisfaction.

  1. SBI Bank


The SBI Bank symbol represents a blue circle that has a small cut in it. This cut is shaped as a human that represents perfection and the regular man who are being the focus of the bank’s business.

  1. Snapdeal


The six-year-old company has now come up with their new logo and the new slogan Unbox Zindagi. The company has changed its logo from red-blue logo to a red logo. There is a tilted box that has a square opening. If you notice the box carefully you will see a two faced arrow. The logo symbolizes customer getting their needful in one site.

  1. Hindustan Unilever Limited


The logo of Hindustan Unilever Limited has embedded 25 different icons in the alphabet U. Each of these symbols has different meaning like

Bee: This symbolize challenges and opportunity

Sun: The natural source that represents vitality.

Water: It represents clear and pure water.

Hand: It symbolizes care, sensitivity and need of the skin.

Heart: It symbolizes love, care, and health.

Hand:  It defines the company’s dedication to supportability.

  1. Audi

The four circle of Audi represents design, comfort, safety and sportiness. They mean that one can get all these four features in just one car.

  1. Domino’s Pizza


Have you noticed the three dots in the logo, it represents the first three shop opened. They owner had planned to add a dot each time they open a shop but soon had to drop the idea as there were a hundred of shops opened across the world. So, it would have become clumsy if each time they keep on adding a dot. So the owner’s dropped the plan. Secondly, they have removed the pizza written in it to show how powerful and popular the logo has become that it does not need any introduction about the product it offers.

  1. Volkswagen

The logo of Volkswagen represents two letters V and W. Here V refers to the German people and the letter W stands for the car. Together the meaning stands to a car that is designed for the people.

So, here I have share the little information I collected. It’s may not be in your syllabus but it’s nice to get the knowledge.


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