HP Spectre 13.3- The sleekest laptop ever witnessed

After so many years Hewlett-Packard has actually made it possible – it has not only blown the heads of its competitors but made the mass craving for its timeless creation too. Spectre 13.3 is the most thin, most elegant, most intriguing laptop the world has witnessed so far. You may either love it or hate it but you cannot remain unresponsive. Just have a look at the gadget –


10.4 mm thick, 2.45 pound PC with the stunning copper accent and a new logo-just majestic! Though according to HP the copper accent is partly inspired by women jewelries, it evokes the memory of classic golden timepieces. Apart from being the thinnest notebook, it does have several new features that call for attention. It has a cushier keyboard, a more powerful processor and a larger selection of ports, including a USB-C adapter in the box.

A leather sleeve comes in the box with the expensive-looking laptop, elevating its class a step ahead. But HP has to compromise with a few things to build up the skinniest laptop on earth- the screen does not respond to touch. Compared to the other laptops available in the market the screen is low-res, the maximum resolution is 1,920 x 1,080.

Now the time is to experience the lightest laptop. Though you may face one or two technical issues but to carry this slim and dashing notebook will give you an enchanting experience for sure.


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