Harman Kardon Nova review: Just one Drum is good enough for the punch

Cumbersome speakers should be supplanted by the cutting edge Bluetooth compact speakers however that hasn’t generally been the situation, has it? The convenient speakers we have seen so far have been great, however with regards to power they are no place near to its progenitors. Furthermore a portion of the top of the line versatile speakers (with various network choices) that claim to have force aren’t as compact as they are pegged to be.

In this way, what do we make of such speakers who case to be compact yet don’t generally fit the criteria? They can be called as Harman Kardon Nova. It’s pricey (at Bose level), its not compact however it packs sufficiently in punch to abandon you requesting more. Here is the thing that we think about this not really versatile Nova.

What is it?

Harman Kardon Nova is a 2.1 encompass speaker, which resembles a bongo and figures out how to stay valid to its roused structure. There is nothing out-dated about Nova, as you make utilization of Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux or NFC matching. It depends on untouched force by means of AC connector packaged alongside the item.

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