Google’s ad Blocking Plans

Are you tired of the regular advertising appearing while browsing on the internet? It does disturb a lot while working on something really important. Many are there who does not want to view any type of such advertisements while working on the internet. There are certain ads on clicking which can spread the virus on your machine whereas the time taken for loading the page is much higher due to the advertisements present on that particular page. Thus, in certain cases, the viewers get an improper viewing of the web page. Another issue that arises with the ads on the web page is the occurrence of fraud when clicked on it.


A more common attempt to stop this ad from appearing your page is blocking the ads. Popularly known as the ads filtering or ads blockers, this software removes the ads from the webpage. Sometimes, it does alter the webpage’s content. Ads blockers are proving to be useful for mobile apps also. Many browsers are taking sufficient effort towards blocking the ads from coming in the middle of the work.
As per the report, Google is also going to utilize this software in their web browser Chrome. The Google Chrome ad blocker is expected to filter the content which is incapable of meeting the advertisements standards set. According to certain sources reports that Google is planning to block those ads that are considered to be offending. Implementation of ad blockers in Google Chrome is mainly for facilitating the users and thus enhancing their experience of surfing on the internet. Though there is no intention of blocking the advertisements from Google. Google Chrome is supposed to be giving a tough competition to the browsers who are also planning something same.
Though Google, as of now is not ready to tell anything on this but according to the sources claims of announcing it by late this week.



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