Garmin GPS merchandise at a reduction on Paytm.


Paytm is providing cashback up to Rs. 6,000 on GPS systems from Garmin. These GPS systems square measure nice for people who like to maintain long drives, and in areas wherever obtaining a telephone signal can be a tangle. a number of the most effective picks from the sale are: Garmin Oregon 650 at Rs. 23,910 (effective pricing) that usually retails for around Rs. 30,000, the Garmin GPS Map 78S at Rs. 17,700 (effective pricing) that usually sells for around Rs. 24,000 online, and also the Garmin Nuvi2567LM for Rs. 9,990 (effective pricing) that comes with free maps for the period, and usually retails for higher than Rs. 15,000. The stock are going to be restricted, and every one these merchandise go along with manufacturer warrant. As always, Paytm’s cashback is attributable right when your order ships for all pre-paid orders, and twenty four hours when delivery for all cash-on-delivery orders.

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