Foreign Policies of US Presidents

What is democracy? I know you are well aware of the term Democracy. To be precise democracy refers to the system where the commoners have the power to directly choose a person among themselves for the purpose of running the parliament. Democracy was first invented by the citizens of Athens, Greek in 508 BC – 507 BC. There are many countries in the world which have democracy. But can you tell me the name of the country which has the largest democracy? What US? Do you mean the United States?  Right. US, short form of United States have the biggest democracy in the World.

U.S.  Or the United States which has a federal district, 50 states and 5 own governing territories. With Washington as the capital, a city in the Atlantic coast of U.S., namely New York, is widely known as a global finance centre. Chicago is famous for its architectural works and Los Angeles’ in the west is known for famous film making centre Hollywood. United States is with its largest National economy, culture and education has become the superpowers of the world.

Have you ever heard the term Foreign Policy? Seems familiar but you don’t know what exactly it is? Ok, nothing to worry. I am here to guide you. Foreign policy is the action plan taken by a nation in order to its dealings with the other foreign countries. Sometimes Foreign policy is also known as foreign affairs or foreign relations. It is generally adopted by the country to safeguard the nation’s interest and also to get the goal in terms of dealing with other countries. Establishing a foreign policy is generally the work of the government head and foreign minister. By these policies they deal with the issues that can arise while dealing with a foreign country.

Are you interested to know the foreign policies established by the different Presidents of Unites States? I am trying to help you out in this regard.

Let’s start with the first president of United States.

He was, George Washington. Became president on April 30, 1789 and served the country till March 4, 1797 .His party name was Nonpartisan. After becoming the president, George Washington took two major foreign policies. One policy was settlement with his enemy power, here with the Native Americans and second, he sent capable persons to negotiate overseas. In 1794, he appointed Chief Justice Jay as the person to settle relation in respect of trade with the Great Britain. This agreement was known as Jay’s Treaty which secured United States as the most favored trade status in World trade network.

Second on the President list is John Adams, who served from March 4, 1797 to march4, 1801. He was from the Federalist Party.  During his presidency, the US forms an alliance with France such that either country will involve in a war with England. At this time the Jays treaty was signed and came into force and the French started to harsh the American ships which used to carry British cargo. President John Adam sent a team to end up the quarrel was ended as the delegates asked for bribes. On such a condition when America was in the door of war with the France, the president signed a new policy with Napoleon which dismissed all the policies signed earlier.

Third president of United States was Thomas Jefferson, who started on March 4, 1801 and resigned from the post of President on March 4, 1809, was a member of the Democratic Republican. His foreign policy involves the Louisiana Purchase act and the Embargo act. The Louisiana Purchase act was a big hit whereas Embargo Act proved to be a failure. The Barbary war which started from the time of the second president eventually ended up when President Jefferson sent his delegates to Tripol for signing an overseas venture agreement. As stated earlier Louisiana was the most successful act in which President Jefferson purchased the land from Rocky Mountains to Mississippi river from Napoleon. The Embargo act which proved to be a great disaster in his time. In this act he tried to sign an agreement with each France and England when France was in a state of war with England. The two countries didn’t sign the agreement rather cancelled the trade agreement.

Fourth is James Madison, was president from March 4, 1809 to March 4, 1817and was a member of Democratic Republican. Before he came into power, the Embryo act was brought to a full stop by the delegates. At this time the trade license was cancelled with the French and England respectively. He was the first person to declare war with another country England. Second World War began at this time, the white house was burned. Thus United States suffered a heavy lose during his era of Presidency.

James Monroe the fifth president of United state came into power on March 4, 1817  and served as president till March 4, 1825 . He was a member of Democratic Republican. He had two foreign policies namely Spanish Florida, which improve the relation with Spain. Florida was surrender to United States in 1821. This brought glory to the states. And another was the Monroe Doctrine which proved to be a great success.

John Quincy Adams, March 4, 1825 – March 4, 1829, was also a member of Democratic Republican had a mixed foreign affairs record. The trade with countries like Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria and American federation was opened. This proved to be great profit for the traders of United States. He resolved the issues with Britain. He was the first president to meet with the mixed-race and black foreigners. Though some supported it, while others don’t. But it was a big step taken by any president in the history. Before he became president, he served as Monroe’s secretary and during this time he solved many foreign affairs. He secured the Great Lakes, Canadian- U,S, boundaries, Florida accession, Canada fishing rights and issued a strong claim on northwest of Pacific Coast.

On the list seventh is Andrew Jackson who was the president of United States from March 4, 1829 to March 4, 183. He was a member of Democratic Party. He established some major foreign policies. Some turned out to be great while others are worst. Martin Van Buren was the eighth President of United States. He worked as a president from March 4, 1837 to March 4, 1841. He was also a member of Democratic Party. Next on the list is William Henry Harrison who was elected on March 4, 1841 but unfortunately died in his own office. He was a member of Whig Party. This was the first time when a member from the Whig party came into the power. When Andrew Jackson died, John Tyler, a member of the Whig Party was elected as the president. He worked from April 4, 1841- march 4, 1845as the president. Next on the list is James K. Polk who was a member of the Democratic Party and worked as a President from March4, 1845 to March 4, 1849. Zachary Taylor, was the twelfth President of United States and started to work as a president from March 4, 1849 but died on July 9, 1850in his own office.  The thirtheen President is Millard Fillmore, July 9, 1850 – March 4, 1853 was also a member of the Whig Party. Franklin Pierce was the 14 resident of United States. He was elected on March4, 1853 – March 4 1857.He was a member of the Democratic Party. James Buchanan was the next President. He worked from March 4, 1857 – March 4, 1861and was a member of Democratic Party. Abraham Lincoln, the Sixteenth President of United States, and thus was the most famous. He was elected on March 4, 1861 and died in April 15 1865 in his own office. He was the member of the Republican Party. Next was Andrew Johnson elected on April15, 1865 and was a member of the National Union Party. Ulysses S. Grant, March4, 1869 – March 4, 1877 was a member of Republican Party. Next is Rutherford B. Hayes March 4, 1877- March 4, 1881 and a member of Republican Party. James A. Garfield March 4, 1881 – September 19, 1881, died in his office. The 21st President was Chester A. Arthur September 19, 1881 – March 4, 1885, was a Republican Party member. Grover Cleveland March 4, 1885 – March 4, 1889, Was the 22nd President of United States. Next is Benjamin Harrison from March 4, 1889 to March 4. 1893 was a Republican party member. 24 on the list is Grover Cleveland March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897, a Democratic Party member. William McKinley, March 4, 1897 – September 14 1901 died in office, was the next. The 26th is Theodore Roosevelt, September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909, was a member of the Republican party. William Howard Taft, March 4, 1909 – March 4, 1913 , also a Republican Party member. 28th is Woodrow Wilson, March 4, 1913 – March 4, 1921 was a member of Democratic Party. Warren G. Harding march 4, 1921 – August 2, 1923 member of the Republican Party died in office. Some more are Calvin Coolidge (August 2, 1923 – March 4, 1929),Herbert Hoover (March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933),Franklin D. Roosevelt (March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945), Harry S. Truman (April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1953), Dwight D. Eisenhower (January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961). Next is John F. Kennedy elected on January 20, 1961- November 22, 1963, was a member of the Democratic Party. 36 on the list is Lyndon B. Johnson (November 22, 1963 – January 20, 1969) was a Democratic Party member. Richard Nixon (January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974) Republican party member resigned from the office.Gerald Ford was the 38th President and was elected on August 9, 1974 – January 20, 1977 was a Republican. Jimmy Carter (January 20, 1977- January 20, 1981) and Ronald Reagan January (20, January 1981 – January 20, 1989) was a Republican Party member.

George H. W. Bush (January 20, 1989 – January 20, 1993) Republican mainly focused on foreign affairs than in domestic affairs. Some of his common foreign affairs are Panama, Cold war ended and relation between Soviet and United States improved, German Unification, Persian Gulf War and the New World War. President George H.W. Bush foreign affairs became very popular and got immense popularity

Bill Clinton January 20, 1993 – January20, 2001was a Democratic Party member. He enforced four laws namely The Middle East, Northern Ireland and African, Haiti and the Balkans. He established a peace with that of The Middle east countries like the Palestine and the Israeli.  But these did not had a good result as Prime Minister of Israeli was killed by a Israeli peoples. He also deals with much foreign terrorism.

George W. Bush January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009 a member of the Republican Party. At this time United States faced a great deal of terrorist attack. He began to campaign against al-Qaeda terrorist group of Afghanistan. President George W. Bush removed Saddam Husain. At this time the country was into a state of war.

44 Barack Obama January 20, 2009 – incumbent Democratic. He made the war with Iraq and remove the troops from there whereas carried a surgical strike in Afghanistan and abolished Osama Bin Laden who was the al-Qaeda leader. It is regarded as one of the most courageous attack done by any president. He signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which put a full stop on the nuclear weapons. He supported the Egyptian protestors and thus requested a safety for them from the Egyptian authority. Barack Obama made the Israel and United sates relation strong. He visited many countries and established a very good relation with them. Thus he proved to be a very good president setting up foreign affairs in a very high position

45 Donald Trump Beginning January 20, 2017 Republican is a businessman situated in America and the chairman of The Trump organization. He is elected as the 45 president of America in 2016 election and will take in office on 20 January 2017. He defeated Hillary Clinton and won the position of the 45th President of America. We are looking forward to him.

Many foreign policies came into force during the reign of these 45 United States Presidents. Some turned out to be excellent whereas some turned to be the worst. Some privilege the citizens whereas some put them in danger as the 9/11 attack. We are looking for Mr. Donald foreign policy and hope that it will turn to be a great success.


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