Dell XPS 13 review (2015): Meet the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop

CES has traveled every which way; the occasions are long past; and now all we’re left with are a couple of months of grim climate. No fun, isn’t that so? Right. But in the event that you’re a tech essayist. Since most real organizations have uncovered their new lineups, we have the energizing occupation of testing so much stuff; perceiving how it holds up when its all said and done. The main result of the year to cross my work area: none other than the Dell XPS 13, a smaller 13-inch smart phone that positioned as a finalist for our yearly Best of CES grants. Notwithstanding being the first framework we’ve tried with Intel’s new fifth-era Core processor, the updated XPS is outstanding for its almost bezel-less show – a configuration accomplishment that permits it to have the foot shaped impression of a 11-inch machine. Especially with a beginning cost of $800 (really sensible for a leader smart phone), it appeared ready to turn into one of our new most loved Ultrabooks. Furthermore, guess what? It really is.

Dell XPS 13 (2015)


Almost bezel-less show permits it to be more reduced than other 13-inchers

Lively screen, solid sound to match

Alluring configuration, well-constructed

Agreeable console

Quick execution

Heaps of arrangement alternatives


Simply normal battery life, in any event on the touchscreen model

Touchpad could utilize some adjusting

Doesn’t come standard with a touchscreen – and is extravagant on the off chance that you do select that peculiarity


Other than an overhaul to the touchpad, there’s next to no we would change about Dell’s upgraded XPS 13: It’s smaller and well-assembled, with a beautiful screen, quick execution and shockingly great sound quality. You’ll pay the consequences to get it with a touchscreen, yet that being said, its evaluated in accordance with other lead Ultrabooks – and in a few ways its a superior decision, as well.

It’s not entirely obvious the XPS 13’s stereo speakers the first occasion when you lift it up: They’re settled on either side of the smart phone, around the front where the suspension gets truly tight. While the sound may appear like a bit of hindsight, its really shockingly great – among the best in its class, even. The volume is solid enough that I regularly didn’t have to push it much past the 30 out of 100 imprint. Keeping in mind this isn’t the most bass-substantial setup you’ve ever heard (why would it be?), the speakers remain up well to a wide mixed bag of musical classifications, from established to jazz to hip-jump and pop. Everything considered, actually when I expected to do a reversal to my “genuine” smart phone for specific things, I kept on utilizing the XPS 13 as my music machine.


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