BlackBerry Classic review: A love letter to fans and few others

How about we put Apple, Samsung and all their kind aside for few minutes: It truly wasn’t that long back that a homegrown Canadian organization called BlackBerry (well, RIM at the time) fundamentally managed the versatile world. The outfit’s moderate decay has been chronicled, opined upon for a considerable length of time, but, some of BlackBerry’s most enthusiastic fans still uproar for the days when QWERTY consoles and small trackpads were uber-productive materialistic trifles rather than the relics they are presently.

Enter the BlackBerry Classic. The name says it all, truly: It’s a paean to BlackBerry’s halcyon days, and its got a watch culled straight out of 2011, to boot. We took one for a stretched out twist to perceive how BlackBerry’s return equation holds up today, and (long story short) its generally the past squashed up with a touch of the present day. The greater inquiry, of course, is whether its justified regardless of your time. I think you know the answer, yet read on for my full impressions.




Its physical QWERTY console is still aces

Loads of great programming touches

BlackBerry holdouts will love the return plan


Discovering (and introducing) applications can be tedious

All in or all out execution

Can’t uproot the battery

Average cam


The BlackBerry Classic notices once again to past times worth remembering, when a robust QWERTY console and a thick outline transformed telephones into all out business accomplices. Tsk-tsk, with conflicting execution and an application biological community that takes a lot of getting used to, the Classic is still ideally equipped for supreme extremist gainfulness dogs and long-standing BlackBerry fans.


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