Best 5 Saree Boutiques in Kolkata

Best 5 Saree Boutiques in Kolkata


If you are a Bengali you are quite aware of the worth of a beautiful saree to a Bengali woman. Sarees not only bear the age old tradition of India but is also one of the most beautiful attire an Indian  woman must have in her wardrobe. For Bengali women saree is a fascination- be it traditional tant or silk, or modern crape or brasso.Kolkata is the center where all saree lovers should come to search for their best piece (remember, the great designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is also from Kolkata). In Kolkata, in the hub of traditional sarees we have found out some of the very special saree boutiques that every women will love to explore. We have chosen 5 best boutiques in Kolkata who offers traditional silk and tant sarees with modern design and contemporary look.


  1. Saptaparni Boutique

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Saptaparni boutique is home for the unique collection of so many traditional silk sarees that anyone will fall in love with them. They offer variety of colors and designs and the best quality silk in a very affordable price. Such high quality silk sarees in such a nominal price that is really unbelievable. Saptaparni boutique has a huge range of sarees starting from rupees eight hundred (Rs.800) only. All of the designs are exclusively done by their designers’ team- and believe me they are quite talented. The material they use for the production of the sarees is of very nice quality and that is why the finished products come out to be so good! The prices of the saree are very reasonable that they are within the reach of everyone- anyone can afford them. They have a online store where you can buy sarees and other handcrafted jewelry from home. The handcrafted jewelry  is also very unique in its style and appearance. And the most important thing is that the behaviour they maintain with their customers. There is always someone to attend the customer. They are always available for you. For more info you can visit Here you can find numerous sarees and hand made jewelry in a very low price. You can place your order online and buy saree. Check out the designs and the sarees online and the unbelievable prices. The Durga Puja is coming in a few days, and it is time to explore the new boutiques in Kolkata.


  1. Sasya Boutique


Sasya is a luxury boutique and one of the most famous boutiques in the heart of Kolkata. It is situated in the Shakespeare Sarani over around ten thousand square ft. area and stretches across 5 floor levels. It is a multi designer boutique where you are offered a enormous collection of bridal sarees and lehengas- everything is a unique piece of art. Some of the most prominent designers are attached to Sasya Boutique- to name a few- Tarun Tahiliani and Sagar Mehra. The collection of Sasya boutique is really very attractive and high end though a little expensive. Sasya represents class and sophistication in all its attires and their unique collection is worth a visit. It is a fact that buying too much expensive clothes is not possible for everyone but still you can pay a visit to the store. Maybe you can find something that fits your budget. Check out Sasya’s magnificent collection.


  1. Kanishka’s


It is a house for all your fancy. The Kanishka’s has a mind blowing collection of sarees that anyone will love to wear. The design, especially the handloom fabric and the urban style shows the elevated taste of fashion in the modern industry. They have a different unique touch with their age old handloom techniques, woodblock prints and handicraft. Every detailing in the sarees are made with passion and care to give you the best product that will have no match. It is one of the oldest boutiques in kolkata and have the taste of the most sophisticated one. No wonder it has maintained its position in the best boutiques in Kolkata. For over 40 years they have been with us contributing to the style sense of modern generation who love to wear sarees. They even export their products in small amount to Japan, Europe and other places. Kanishka’s is a combination of class and urban. kanishka’s pure tant and handloom sarees are so beautiful that you might like to have one.


  1. 4. Arushi Boutique


Located in Salt Lake in Kolkata Arushi Boutique is one of the most favorite destination for the saree lovers. This is the home for all ethnic wears starting from salwar to handmade purse and everything. They specialize in tops, kurta, saree, blouses and others. Here you can customize your requirements to get the best product for you. It is a boutique that accepts your personal choices and work according to your orders. That is why Arushi is favorite among the women. They offer great design in quite reasonable price.


  1. Agnitaas Boutique


Agnitaas is again another boutique where you should pay a visit. They have a wide range of sarees and other ethnic dresses. This boutique has a team of young and talented designers who designs innovative sarees.


Saree is a very favorite wear that a women loves to drape. Even in the modern era the class and sophistication of saree has not been dominated by any other clothes. Saree is a choice where women can blend modern style with tradition and look utterly gorgeous and beautiful. Bengali women ( she may be in her early 20s or late 60s) loves to own beautiful sarees and when it comes to the subject of designer sarees from renowned boutiques they can really spend a lot on it. Everyone is well aware of a woman’s fascination about her sarees. Giving a nice saree to your dear lady will be a great idea. Durga Puja is here, and it is the time to awestruck your beloved lady with one of such beautiful sarees. Here we have given you some idea where you can get a marvellous piece. Then, what are you waiting for? Check out the boutiques and get the best for yourself or for the loved ones.


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