Adult Swim is giving away free Google Cardboard VR headsets to try out their new game

The people at Adult Swim amusements need you to attempt their new VR application/diversion. They need you to attempt it so terrible, they’re willing to give you a Google Cardboard VR headset for nothing. Be that as it may, there’s a catch: you gotta send them a fax first. When you move beyond this moderately little obstacle (you can either uncover one from the cellar or utilize one of the numerous applications that copy this usefulness in the Google Play Store), you’ll be headed to making the most of their freshest title in the Play Store, the appropriately titled Adult Swim Virtual Brainload.

To a lesser degree a diversion and a greater amount of an “ordeal,” Virtual Brainlord goes up against you a trip in a trippy, virtual, interchange reality. We didn’t get the chance to attempt it for ourselves, however the screenshots are sufficient to give us flashbacks of our school days. It even accompanies a notice, its that extreme. Whether you need to attempt the diversion or not (and you if), you can locate their free Google Cardboard shape down beneath. Simply print, fax, and sit tight for your paper headsets to land via the post office. Goodness and to learn companions abroad, this is US-onl

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