A quartz drive is that the 1st immortal data-storage medium

For all our accomplishments as a species, we’ve ne’er found a data-storage medium which will last forever. Tapes, CDs, film … all of them fade with time.  Even our exhausting drives, and our digital history, could eventually change state. However fortunately, researchers at Southampton University are here with a solution: a quartz drive which will last fourteen billion years and store 360 terabytes.

Given that that is long, long once the sun can have consumed the planet, it’s doable that the small optical disc might survive humanity; therefore we’d also place following Golden Record on that. The small discs are carven with a Nano-scale optical device during a microstructure concerning 5 microns tall, with every pulse making a series of 3 lasers. By reading the polarized lightweight passing through the discs, the huge treasure of knowledge is discovered.

The university is asking it the “Superman memory crystal.” the massive elementary particle accelerator produces concerning thirty petabytes of knowledge annually, or concerning thirty,000 terabytes or concerning eighty three of the Superman discs. additionally, the Library of Congress estimates that the complete net is seventy four terabytes (as of 2009, at least.) every human’s ordination is two hundred GB of knowledge, offer or take some gigabytes, therefore with nine billion folks on Earth at once, therefore that is one.8 trillion gigabytes or one.

So … a pleasant huge warehouse jam-packed with these disks, buried deep underground with all the thermal protection within the world, may be the final word container of humanity, if we tend to get to figure with the huge task of storing all of the information into a brand new Library of Alexandria. Regardless, these undoubtedly have some billion year’s value of advantage over victimization deoxyribonucleic acid exhausting drives.


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