10 Secrets of Calculating Used Car Value that Car Seller Never Tell You

The most relevant way to calculate the used car value is to know about increasing the resale value of a car that actually begins with the process of buying the “right” car which should be taken care of at the first place. Used car valuation is the most imperative work that can’t be overlooked, as per the statement of Mark Scott, who is currently the senior manager of Auto Trader. If you don’t know about this valuation technique and the related secrets, you have come to the right place. Here, top ten secrets regarding the calculation of used car values have been given below which a car seller never tells you.

These secrets are nothing but the points that affect the resale values of the cars.


Geography indeed makes a better impression

Here, Geography indicates diversified body styles that are proportionate with the geographic locations across the globe. It means the demand related to a particular car that varies accordingly in case of different regions of a country. Therefore, thinking about the popularity of a car in the concerned area while buying is quite essential.


Careful budget with more opened options

This should be the first approach while considering the valuation of a used car and for effective valuation; the various options should be kept open. Once the decision about buying a particular car is set, don’t stay resolute and try to consider other options available in the market especially the fitting one which will be suitable according to your monthly budget.

Secret 3

Shop from trusted source  

There are many options when it comes to shopping a used car. Many solutions, such as- prominent dealers, private parties and used car lots with independent nature are there available in the market. But, the source must be a trusted one, for which checking through the classified published in the local newspapers as well as searching used car lists on the internet is two of the most flexible ways. With this manner, you can search your dream car with the suited specific conditions correspond to you.

Secret 4

Price Comparison to stay away from over charged ones

Always try to do little homework that is about checking as well as comparing the different prices mentioned in the classifieds section against the other comparable cars. With this approach, a risk of being overcharged can be set aside, and you can also gather some valuable data regarding comparing and buying cars in online.

Secret 5

Go through a proper research

At first, narrow down the search list, you have made and then try to find the most suitable car in line with your needs, for which you have to do some researches. The research should be properly done before buying a used as well as in the case of purchasing a new car. Then, claim a history report of the car from the seller.

Secret 6

Thorough inspection process to ensure the perfect condition of the used car

Valuation of used car includes the inspection process and therefore, it is recommended by the specialists not to inspect a used car at night as well as while it’s raining. Then, make yourself certain that the car is in perfect condition; look for any dent or scratch or smudge or any other problem.

Secret 7

Thinking then analyzing related to the issue of affordability

The financial decisions are the most imperative things that you have to consider before buying a used car and for this you should take as much time as you need. First think properly about your condition of affordability and think about the down payments as well as monthly payments and at last the price, then again analyze from the first. This will build up your negotiation pattern.

Secret 8

Test-drive and inspection before buying

With this approach of test-drive you can ensure that whether the car is actually in perfect condition or not. You can check for the specific conditions and parts of the car, like- space, suspension, noises from the car, acceleration, and brakes, etc. Get through the service records related to the car and then take it to your mechanic for a systematic assessment.

Secret 9

Negotiation; the trickiest part

It is considered as the most challenging secret of all. Thus, bring this secret into play more vigilantly. Don’t ever get yourself carried away with the fancy words like- extended warranties as well as anti-theft mechanisms, because all these are just parlor tricks and nothing else.

Secret 10

Sign the contract after rereading a couple of times

Come to the agreement part, only after having a second look at the contract. After negotiation, ask for the pending work that the seller previously promised if there is any. This should be done before signing the contract. Make sure that you also get a copy of the contract in written.

These are some of the secrets which most the used car sellers never mention to the customers. However, the secrets mentioned above will help you going through the profound valuation of a used car in the market with considering all the modern perspectives.


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