1 bhk Flat in Mumbai

Design tips for singles’ home, in urban cities in India

The shortage of space is common occurrence, in apartments of metropolitan cities. If you are single, living in a studio apartment or a 1bhk flat in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or any other metropolitan city of India, then it’s a thin line between beauty and functionality. You can see property in mumbai here. Keeping your space clean and gorgeous, while also letting it reflect your personality is no easy task.

Presenting to you some interior design tips, to optimize your space and while making your house feel like home.

Wall Color: The color of your walls sets the tone of your house. It is always advisable to paint your home in light colors, in order for it to look bigger. Light colors especially white, reflects light, whereas dark colors absorb light and hence will make you room feel dark and gloomy. Dark colors make your house look small, while bright colors give the illusion of longer spaces. You can add pops of color through your furniture or sheets or curtains. If feeling adventurous, use striped flooring. It will give the illusion of length.

Light: Ensure that your apartment has sufficient natural lighting. Natural lighting is best for small spaces and prevents it from feeling claustrophobic. Certain lighting techniques can give your small spaces an illusion of expansion making your home feel broad and appealing. Ceiling lights and wall lights directed towards the wall help in visually broadening your space. As mirrors, reflect light, they too expand the space visually. Avoid chandeliers, as they make the space look smaller. Choose lighting fixtures with minimalistic design, but having an artistic sensibility.

The right kind of furniture: Use furniture that is light and easy on the eyes. Use glass instead of wood where you can- like the coffee table. Make use of the vertical space in the house and install floating shelves on the walls to keep books, DVD’s and personal photos on display.

Surfaces: Make sure your flooring, kitchen tops, bathroom surfaces etc. are all light colored. Lighter the color, longer the illusion.

Storage: It’s imperative to get creative with storage. Use furniture that has a lot of storage space underneath. Like the sofas, couches, beds etc. These act as great storage spaces for extra bed sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains and all the other stuff that you don’t need currently.

Plants: Keep plants in your balcony if you have one, or use your window sill. Considering the amount of air pollution in urban cities, it is good to have plants as your personal air filter. Plus if your apartment is too close to another, it will give you some privacy from your snoopy neighbors.

PERSONALIZE: Just because you’re living in a small space, it is no excuse for your house to not reflect your personality. Add your personal touch to your house. Include colors you like, frame your photos on the walls, display things you like. The only way to really feel at home is to personalize your space. Include things you love and make your home your zen den.


CLUTTER CARE: A messy house is never a pretty sight, irrespective of its size. But when an apartment is tiny, the clutter is always magnified and can be overwhelming.  Store the things you are not able to organize in drawers or boxes and put it away from sight and organize it on a free day with a fresh mind. Clean out your home and closet and get rid of the things that you don’t use. Allot a space for each and every item in the house. This way you won’t go insane searching for things when you are in a hurry.


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